Personal branding and representation of esports players


your brand

To work and develop your present will revert on benefits in the future.

Connect with your targetConnect with your target

Reach new personal sponsorship

Distinguish yourself from others.

Do what you are passionate about, play videogames

Optimize your performance focusing on your game and enhancing your skills and forgetting about the rest.

What do we do?

Personal branding and representation.

We develop your personal brand and we manage negotiation and deals with different brand and other entities.

Develop your strategy in the social media to help you get a place in the industry and to build your own community.

We prepare a special strategy for every player. The objective is to increase the renown of the personal brand of the player and create and develop the community of the player that allows the player to reach personal sponsorships.

We will go with you through this path for at least 9 months. During this time, you will be able to use our resources in order to reach a common objective: to enhance your personal brand and make it attractive for brands. The most important factor to reach this objective is persistence, we will not give up, would you?. You will have a Talent Manager at your disposal he will guide you to reach your objectives and he will answer all your questions. Furthermore, we can provide you support with graphic designs, with our graphic design department in order to enhance your social media and give your audience the best possible content.

Listen to your followers, strengthen your fanbase

Creativity and media

Marketing activities

Legal assessment

Content production

Sports management

Sponsorships acquisition

Comunication and Social Media

Talent management

Make yourself an idol and distinguish yourself from the others

With a differentiate personal brand and a responsible attitude you will be able to reach better sponsors and you will become a referent.

Specialized communication

We will develop a communication strategy and recruitment in your social media.

Management and legal advise

A lawyer with wide knowledge in esports will manage all your deals and all your legal issues.

We design your personal brand

We develop your personal brand giving you support with designs, audiovisual material, photography, marketing and much more.

Increase your sponsorships

Increase your fan base, reach the best results regarding your club marketing and increase your sponsorships.