Esports for agencies

Offer new media and advertising to reach your target

Offer the best


Offer optimal results and knowledge for the actions of your clients in the market.

Offer new mediaOffer new media

A different industry

Develop strategies and optimize your investment.

Knowledge is power

Having a global point of view of the sector and a deep knowledge of the industry makes us unique.

What do we do?

Different generation, different communication.

The main difference with other targets is that in order to connect in an organic way an specialized communication is needed.

Communicate without connecting with your target is not a good idea. If you get into the industry but you don’t choose the optimal path, you will be forced to make a more expensive investment. As an agency our work is to assess and choose the best options for investments and sponsorships.

Foreseen Media was born from a real necessity, we identified a lack of knowledge regarding the right way to formalize sponsorships and advertisings into the esports. Thanks to our previous experience in this market we clearly understand which ones are the best options for investments.

Be our partner in this new market

Media and creativity

Sponsorships achievements

Specialized communication

Content output

Marketing actions

Editing team

Management implementation

Talents and influencers


Our premises are in Madrid, in Calle Londres 29 close to “Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas”.

The key of the success is that we have our own know-how and an in-house production

We have different departments in order to be able to develop all kind of services related to esports.

In-house production

We have an own gaming set in our premises, and several departments oversee the development of different kind of content.

Specialized information

We have wide documentation developed by ourselves, and we know how to implement different business plans for different projects, marketing strategies, etc…

Set and Gaming Room

We have our own set, where we perform every kind of recording. We can reach your objectives with our audiovisual department.

Influencers network

We have direct contact with hundreds of influencers and talents thanks to our partnerships, that can provide value and visibility to all marketing campaigns that we develop.