Realization, content production, and development inside esports network

Make your

content viral

Transform your hobby and passion into a life style

Connect with your targetConnect with your target

Expand your channels

Build your own community with our help.

Support your channel with different sponsorships.

Together we can generate good quality and creative content that could enhance visibility.

A network to fit creativity

Inspire, communicate and connect.

A Network to asses and provide real and physic support to influencers and streamers, join us.

A network made of streamers and influencers with a software that will be able to check your incomes, expenses, your statistics and all your followers and their activity. We will put you in contact with different brands and we will develop marketing special events with them. Increase your net and connect to your audience, we will bring you the brands.

A big project for a big industry. Audiovisual production and in-house editing with a set and a gaming room oriented to format creation.

With the creation of this network we want to make available a hardware for our influencers and streamers, providing them the opportunity to record and produce their own content in a professional set, as well as edit their own content and meet new contacts.

Reach a higher level of quality for your channels

Creativity and Media

Acquisition of sponsorships

Strengthen your visibility

Content production

Marketing action

Editing place

Management application

Make synergies

Take your channel to the top

Offer contents of higher quality, provide more personality and fresh air to your channel and develop new synergies.


Stage your own set in your work place thanks to our cooperation with different hardware brands.

Support and assistance

Increase your knowledge of this market or edit your content in our premises.

Set and gaming room

We have a set record and produce content as well as a gaming room for different formats.

New synergies

You will be in contact with several influencers that can help you increase your network.