Originating, management and marketing for esports clubs

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new sponsors

Externalization of services to optimize time and resources of the club

Connect with your targetConnect with your target

Brand and Club.

Optimize and improve the management.

Focus on the results

Optimize time and processes for the club to reach the best results in all areas.

What should we do?

All that is needed for esports clubs.

We provide a wide range of services specialized on esports.

We are an agency formed by former professional esports players, managers and founders of top esports clubs and sport legal advisers; the agency has different departments in order to be able to manage several services of branding and marketing for clubs and players. We also have experience in negotiation and in promotion of sponsorships for esports clubs as well monitorization.

In-house production. A team made of professionals.

We all form a marketing and creative agency, always seeking excellency, thanks to our dedication, and thanks to the added value of our knowledge and implication into this industry.

Listen to your audience, develop your community.

Media and creativity

Marketing actions

Management and Legal advice

Content production

Sport management

Acquisitions and partnerships

Communication and Social media

Talent management

Enhance the link of the Club with its fan base

Increase the link between the Club and its fanbase. Improve and optimize the marketing and Club actions.

Specialized communication

We provide community manager services with community managers specialized in esports to manage your social media.

Content creation

Expand the contents to reach better results in marketing.

Live time marketing

With streaming platforms users can consume the content in live time.

Increase your sponsorships

Increase your fanbase, reach better results in the club marketing and increase sponsorships.