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How and what are exactly the esports?

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We perfectly know the target since our human team is part of it.

Consumer profile

Millenials, men and women from 14 to 35 years old.

If you want to aim your audience, esports are the key.

They are used to play videogames or watch gameplays in Youtube, therefore, TV as it is conceived nowadays does not have much relevance.
Nowadays audience is compound by more men than women but the differences have been downsized from time to time.

Overview of the audience

Total audience is 7.2 Millions in Spain.





The best choice to activate your Brand

Knowledge of the industry

Creative advertising

Content production

Market analysis

A new way to connect with your audience

Esports are a powerful tool to connect with your brand users and followers in a not intrusive way.

Specialized communication

In order to have a positive impact you need a specialized communication.

Viral content

One of the most important components in this market is the propagation speed of the quality content.

Live time marketing actions

With the streaming platforms, users consume content in live time.

Big audience multitudes

Communities facilitate communication inside this industry.